Micro Cosmos And Macro Cosmos Calendar 2021

  • I Wayan Suyanta Universitas Hindu Negeri I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa Denpasar


Let us first of all extend our sincere gratitude and deep respect to God and the Universe, which the duties and obligations of life can be carried out with truth and kindness.
This calendar can be used for learning, especially learning within oneself. The relationship between the universe and the small universe within oneself is very close, even we must be able to live in harmony and balance without denying the nature of the universe.
This micro cosmos and macro cosmos calendar can be used as a guide in carrying out all activities in daily life, can be useful in the journey of intellectual life and spirituality.
The basis of Urip 1 through Urip 9 can be searched from the day of birth using the Balinese pawukon system. Besides, the description of each Urip, both micro cosmos and macro cosmos, is attached in the right side of the calendar.
I hope this calendar will be beneficial.


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